View Design is Now Gist Brands

Marketing is getting the word out. Branding is defining what that word should be. Marketing is what you do. Branding is who you are. We do branding.

That’s the essence of the new evolution, Gist Brands: An expert partner at helping successful businesses who’ve outpaced their brands get “unstuck.” We do this by getting to the essence, or gist, of what makes the company or organization (and their clients or customers) tick and translating it from nebulous dreams and thoughts into strategy and creative assets (names, logos, messaging, tag lines, graphic standards, brand playbooks, etc.) that can move them forward, evolve them to a new level, and empower their business.

Those that knew View Design, know this isn’t anything new. We’re just laser focusing our twenty years of award-winning strategy, creative, design, and communications work on the deep-dive discovery, strategic and creative articulation process that is branding. Evolving businesses, brands, and value propositions? Let’s just say we can take our own medicine.

Want to know more? We’d love to tell and show you.