It's not one-size-fits-all. We customize process and deliverables to what your company needs now.

If brand strategy and brand identity are to be effective, there has to be some process to ground and guide them. Otherwise it’s all just new wallpaper. Do you really want someone fast-forwarding to a logo design or other creative without truly knowing your company, your values, your customers, and where you’re headed? The following is a partial list of processes, creative products, and strategic tools that we assemble based on what your company or organization needs at this stage in its evolution.

Brand Strategy

Getting to the heart of who you are, and where you want and need to be now.

Brand Identity

Designing the creative assets that will reenergize your visual and verbal brand language.

Brand Guidelines

Developing the direction and guardrails to keep you consistent and on target.

Brand Labs Logos Brand Playbooks
Brand Audits Corporate Identities Signage and Wayfinding
Research and Analysis Letterhead Packages Graphic Standards
Brand Roadmaps Visual Style Type Standards
Vision, Mission, & Values Color Palette Formatting Standards
Brand Attributes Corporate Type Selection Written Standards
Competitor Landscape Naming Templates
Positioning Taglines Key Messaging
Value Proposition URLs Brand Extension
Touchpoints & Audiences Personality and Voice Buildout/Collateral

What about that other “stuff?”

So beyond the strategy, logo, tagline, and brand guidelines, what about the everyday deliverables like websites, brochures, advertisements, etc.? We’ve done the gamut and that’s the broad context we’d be strategizing for. We can help you shape the creative direction, content, and requirements for these kinds of projects, as well as help you source and direct them.

What we’ve found is that there are a lot of good creative firms that can design and implement, far fewer that can do a good job of the unique critical thinking, intuitive assessment, and targeted creativity to set the right direction for your business. And we recognize there’s something unique to evolving an established business, while respecting its history and legacy.

That’s why we focus on what we do: great rebranding.

Get the real deal.

Many types of firms (graphic design firms, web developers, advertising agencies, public relations firms, etc.) say they “do branding.” It’s no wonder if you’re confused about what exactly that means if the industry is a little confused itself. If someone says they can build you a great brand, be skeptical.

A good brand strategist or brand designer knows that they are a facilitator and conduit; that the fact is that only you, and others in your company, can build a great brand in the eyes of your customers. Skilled strategists and designers give you great tools, insights, clarity, and creative assets; you build the great brand through your work every day. No matter who you choose to work with—if you think you need something a little deeper than another cosmetic facelift—make sure you’re getting more than just a logo design.

See the results.