Brand Coaching for Small Businesses: Introductory Offer

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Know anyone who needs help in defining or refining their brand, but who can’t quite figure out where to start? The Gist Brands coaching workshop is a structured, but fun and engaging way to get unstuck and get going.

The Approach

The idea is to make high-level brand strategy ideas and concepts available to smaller businesses in an abbreviated and more accessible coaching format, with business owners doing some of the legwork and process themselves to make it more affordable. Instruction and coaching happens in a supportive group environment that makes the discovery process more lively, fun, and insightful, and gives you a long term network of other business owners that are in similar situations as yourself.

The Format

The setup I’m envisioning is a three-hour evening workshop that would meet for six sessions over an eight-week period. I would introduce the primary concepts of branding and an overview of my own Brand Spectrum process. Each week we would tackle another key element of the Brand Spectrum(SM), participate in exercises and discussions, then leave with an assignment or two, returning to the next session with another building block for your brand arsenal (for example, competitor research, a customer profile, or a draft of a key strategic statement like a value proposition, elevator pitch, or brand narrative.)

Your weekly coaching homework, questions, and insights would then be shared for discussion and feedback from me, but also from the rest of the coaching group. (Membership in each coaching cadre would be limited to non-competing businesses and, given the nature of our discussions, everyone would sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure your comfort in sharing freely.)

Additional Value

An email distribution list or online forum means everyone in the group benefits from any questions or comments that might be fired to me during the intervening week. In addition to the weekly coaching workshops, each participant would have access to three hours of exclusive one-on-one coaching with me as a part of your package, either during the eight week period, or as follow-up support after as you begin to further develop and implement your new ideas and draft brand strategy framework.

Get in Touch

I’m targeting May and June for the first flight. I’d love to hear from you, or anyone you think might be interested, about the format, your needs, best night of the week for scheduling, etc. (I’m interested in hearing your feedback and interest now, even if this first flight wouldn’t fit for you.) I am also offering an introductory reduced rate offer ($2000 per person for the first group only) for early adopters who help me launch the format this spring.

¡Viva la evolution! —Jason