The guy who gets it.

For almost twenty years Jason Halstead ran the award-winning, full-service design and communications firm View Design, which he founded in Eugene, Oregon. His strategic and creative work crosses genres, industries, and organizational sizes from Fortune 100 firms to nonprofits, successful multi-generational family businesses to startups. On relocating to Portland in 2011, Jason chose to refocus his work specifically on his passion for brand strategy and brand identity, work for which he had a high and long-standing reputation. He founded Gist Brands to help successful businesses that have outgrown their brands evolve to the next level.

Over the years, Jason has been commissioned to design the gamut of typical (and not-so-typical) branding and marketing materials. His strategic thinking and creative insights, as well as uncanny intuition and distilled esthetic have also been tapped to design spaces, fleets, art installations, custom furniture, and events. This breadth and variety of experience means he’s truly thinking big picture and broad application when working with clients on rebranding strategy and creative.

His passions for experience, creativity, nuance, and insight are regularly fed through reading, collecting art, good food and cocktail craft, and far-flung travel destinations.

Want to know more? Read Jason’s Manifesto.

I live in a world of betweenness; of two-mindedness; the place where form and function, logic and intuition, right-brain and left-brain collide. I instinctively see things from multiple sides and through a changing lens. I am unusually observant and insightful. I am innately curious. I am alive when I am talking about ideas; when I travel and all my senses are slightly displaced and awake with new stimuli and the “otherness” of things. I was born to find the balance; just the right nuance. To look at the complexity and grasp the essence; to discover the hierarchy and patterns and create cohesiveness from disparate elements. I was born to improve, remodel, enhance, evolve. I admire things that are mathematically elegant; as simple as they can be but rich in beauty, meaning, and function. I am addicted to texture, to light, to color, to typography, to detail, to craftsmanship. I am at my best when I trust a leap of intuition; filling in the logic that inherently supports it. I am a verbal and visual processor. Important ideas must be worked out with a pen, not a keyboard. Saying things and writing things make them become real.